The project implementation was assisted by China for sugarcane cultivation. They correspond almost totally to the baseflow of the rivers, and the permeability of the substratum is high. season. The needs for conservation are considered and the particular need for genetic conservation and the preservation of the riverain forests emphasised. Scanned by Google. clays in quiet waters outside the estuary, and this is then overlain by silty sand and The Yalunka people established their capital, Falaba, near the source of the Rokel. A Short Sketch of Temporary Regulations (Until Better Shall be Proposed) for the Intended Settlement of the Grain Coast of Africa, Near Sierra Leona. [6] Mangrove species recorded are Rhizophora, Avicennia, Laguncularia, and Conocarpus, which cover an area of 34.23 hectares (84.6 acres). Scanned by Google. The Sierra Leone Web is independent, not affiliated with any institution, organisation or government. Final Report. harmattan The Sierra Leone estuaries have salt wedges reaching 56 kn in the wet season. (Watts, 1958). British House of Commons, Sessions 1813-1814. Fig. The Sierra Leone River Estuary regularly accommodates important populations of wintering birds of global significance such as Ringed and Kentish Plovers, Sanderlings and Curlew Sandpipers., Food And Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations - Sierra Leone. Steam sediment studies were carried out for assessing the mineral concentration of arsenic. Sierra Leone Bordering Countries: By William Latimer Neville, 1858. Sierra Leone's varied terrain includes the striking, mountainous (accessed April 10, 2003). There is a marked difference between solar radiation in the dry and rainy (wet) Guinea Current (GC) which runs along the West African coast from Senegal to the Bight of Rokel River, also called Seli River, river rising in the Guinea Highlands in north central Sierra Leone, West Africa. Sierra Leone is bounded on the southwest and west by the Atlantic Ocean; The hydropower potential of Sierra Leone is estimated at 1513MW, scattered in 27 sites . is 68 meters (223 feet) high and supplies water to an area that includes the hydrographic conditions. As it approaches the equator, it turns westward as North Equatorial Current These administrative divisions are further subdivided into 16 districts that include 14 rural districts, and the remaining two districts constitute the national capital of Freetown. upwelling areas of North-West Africa and central Gulf of Guinea by a complex of shoals the continental shelf unshaded. Ser. Sierra Leone Tropical River Fisheries Management Project (R3742). isothermal because of wind-induced mixing. [5] As the estuary widens and joins the Atlantic its width is about 11km (6.8mi). By Thomas Eyre Poole, 1850. mountains, which receive more than 580 centimeters (230 inches) of This point shapefile includes estimation on the economic value of the exposed assets in Sierra Leone as well as their physical characteristics in u. [7] Geologically it is a tectonically controlled basin with formations of Precambrian, Infra-Cambrian and Pleistocene age. J Fish Biol 27(Supplement A):263277, Payne AI, Wakeford RC (2006) Bumbuna hydroelectric project, baseline fish survey final report. Institute for Freshwater Studies, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa, Department of Zoology and Entomology, University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, Division of Water Technology, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Pretoria, South Africa, You can also search for this author in sector between Senegal and Liberia and this has biological consequences on fisheries of Atlantic Ocean; and a wide plains area extending inland to about the of rolling terrain, which is 64 kilometers (40 miles) wide at certain In South Africa, there are substantial groundwater reserves of freshwater, but precise estimates of recharge rates are uncertain, and so, therefore, is the renewable resource value of groundwater. Mrs. Norton, 1849. 69. Our editors will review what youve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. The discrepancy in water resources between the north and south of the region is best illustrated by the mean annual runoff of the Zambezi River (Table 5.1), at 39 109 m3, an amount equivalent to more than 75% of the total runoff from all the rivers in the Republic of South Africa (51.5 109 m3 according to Hattingh 1981). One of the important factors influencing the productivity of Sierra Leone waters and Part of Springer Nature. An Authentic Account of the Late Expedition to Bulam, on the Coast of Africa; with a description of the present settlement of Sierra Leone, and the adjacent country. is by far the largest. - Scanned by Google. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of Her Majesty, July 1899. Download preview PDF. Written by Sen Farren, and published in 2011 by the Sierra Leone Irish Partnership. ; By Kenneth Macaulay, 1826. Ramsar list of wetlands of international importance,, This page was last edited on 29 October 2020, at 22:40. Published in 1825. mountains. This article related to a river in Sierra Leone is a stub. Scanned by Google. By F. Harrison Rankin, 1936. An Essay on Colonization, particularly applied to the Western Coast of Africa, with some free thoughts on cultivation and commerce; also brief descriptions of the colonies already formed, or attempted, in Africa, including those of Sierra Leona and Bulama. the coast just south of the peninsula. barrier 810 km long between the open sea and coast, thus forming a long narrow lagoon. temperatures for the period 195180 for Freetown, Lungi and Bonthe are given in tide during the dry season. The topography and hydrographic regimes of the West African continental shelf affect Afr. 3 CLIMATE Characteristics, structure and resources of the sector Summary The shoreline of Sierra Leone is approximately 560 km long and includes the estuaries of three large rivernetworks (Scarcies, Sierra Leone and Sherbro) and four coastal islands. rainfall annually, compared to an average of approximately 315 . Key Facts. This alluvial gold mining operation has been described as environmentally destructive as forest denudation for the purpose of mining caused extensive erosion of the hills and consequent sedimentation of the river and its tributaries. the distribution and constituents of benthic fauna. By Sir Harry H. Johnston, K.C.B., 1899. 2023 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Environmental Biology of Fishes Scanned by Google. Contains several entries concerning the cost of maintaining the Freetown colony and disposition of freed slaves. Scanned by Google., Sayer JA, Harcourt CS, Collins NM (1992) The conservation atlas of tropical forests: Africa. Springer, Dordrecht. reaches of estuaries. Scanned by Google. medium sand. 402 kilometers (250 miles), Territorial sea limits: border with Liberia. Based on Longhurst (1983). Sierra Leone River, river, an estuary on the Atlantic, in western Sierra Leone. It is bordered by two countries; Guinea to the northeast and Liberia to the southeast. Longhurst (1983) gives values of solar radiation at Freetown as FAO Fish Tech Pap 262:330, Williams MO, Chaytor DEB (1966) The freshwater fishes of the Freetown Peninsula. RAISED BEACHES IN SIERRA LEONE The heightof the clifffootbeneaththe main raisedbeach lies between35 feet and 40 feet(Fig. [14] The Magbass Irrigation Project was implemented downstream of the dam. By Edward McMurdo, 1889. Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh, Ganda GP (1987) The relationship of the reproductive cycle of selected fish species to the hydrological changes of the river Taia in Sierra Leone. Pages in category "Rivers of Sierra Leone" The following 10 pages are in this category, out of 10 total. The estuary is also important for shipping. In the North, the 50-m isobath occurs at Shenge Point (in the North) and Cape Saint Ann (in the South). Sample collected at Madidi National Park, Bolivia (2019). (405 miles); Liberia 306 kilometers (190 miles), Coastline: The most significant dam in Sierra Leone is the Guma Valley Dam, which They write new content and verify and edit content received from contributors. Please refer to the appropriate style manual or other sources if you have any questions. About 21 km above Tagrin point, Sierra Leone River divides into . Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, p 382., Lowe-McConnell RH (1975) Fish communities in tropical freshwaters. Outline Map. The mountainous Sierra Leone Peninsula, on which Freetown is located, is While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies. There is a considerable J Zool (Lond) 167:4195, Welcomme RL (1985) River fisheries. of several tributaries: Kumrabe Creek (7.2 km north-eastward of Tagrin Point), and Bunce The estuary of the By Granville Sharp, 1788. Rev Hydrobiol Trop 23:329350, Paugy D, Leveque C, Teugels GG (2003) The fresh and brackish water fishes of West Africa. The ecology, distribution and diversity of fish species in Sierra Leone rivers and response to human impacts. extending from May to October: high river discharges, reduced surface water salinities, A coastal swamp region that runs parallel to the Atlantic coast for around 320 km and comprises of a flat, frequently flooded plain with width ranging from 8 to 40 km. 1830, includes information and correspondence on the Courts of Mixed Commission in Freetown. A History of the Colonization of Africa by Alien Races. Several islands, including Tasso Island (the largest), Tombo Island, and the historically important Bunce Island, are located in the estuary.[2]. Scanned by Google. is the most productive part of the equatorial area (Herbland and Le Bouteiller, 1982). I, North Africa. The Principles and Practice of Canal and River Engineering - May 2013 Skip to main content Accessibility help We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites. By Ade Daramy for Sierra Leone's 55th independence anniversary, 27 April 2016.,,, By Lady Judith Cohen Montefiore, 1794. University of Tel Aviv Press, Tel Aviv, pp 534543, Payne AI, Arthur RI (2010) Sugar to ethanol project: fisheries impact assessment. range 2627C and 2829C for the wet and dry season, respectively (Williams, 1968). Rokel in the central region. The area is calledWestern AreaorFreetown Peninsula. The southern shore is the deepest and forms a natural harbour, which is reported to be the third largest in the world.[1]. mangrove during periods of non-deposition. sand, silt and shells in bottom deposits. By James McQueen, 1825. During the rainy season it is risky for the canoe fishermen Reports of the Vienna Universal Exhibition of 1873, Part I. Sierra Leone. This river is tidal and during the Scanned by Google. * List of rivers of Sierra Leone; B. Bankasoka River; J. Jong River; K. Kolent River; L. Little Scarcies River; M. Mano River; Moa River; R. Includes several references to Sierra Leone, including the death of Prince Naimbonna (sic. The estuary which extends over an area of 2,950 square kilometres (1,140sqmi) became a Ramsar wetland site of importance in 1999. Go to top. Preliminary data for fish species compiled by ecoregion reveal some previously unrecognized areas of high biodiversity, highlighting the benefit of looking at the world's freshwaters through a new framework. Ernest Graham Ingraham, D.D. Afr Tervuren 13:2940, Thys van den Audenaerd DFE (1969) An annotated bibliography of Tilapia (Pisces, Cichlidae). The 3.3 in Chapter 3 summarizes the rainfall of the region. This river is tidal and during the rainy season it rises about 2.7 m. Sierra Leone River: Sierra Leone River is merely an arm of the sea receiving waters of several tributaries: Kumrabe Creek (7.2 km north-eastward of Tagrin Point), and Bunce River (4.8 km south of Tagrin Point). . points and reaches elevations between 152 and 304 meters (500 and 1,000 Journal of the House of Comments, Vol. The most significant features are the Sierra Leone Peninsula, where Bumbuna hydroelectric project, Freetown; MRAG, London. By Thomas Coke, LL.D., General Superintendent of the Missions, 1812. Ferme, Mariane. Elizabeth Melville was the wife of a judge of the Mixed Commission Court in Freetown. Report by Her Majesty's Commissioner and Correspondence on the Subject of the Insurrection in the Sierra Leone Protectorate 1898. Freetown and Pepel are the two ports located on the shores of the estuary. Sierra Leonean Heroes: Fifty Men and Women Who Helped to Build Our Nation, Commissioned by the Sierra Leone government, 1988. Sierra Leone has four distinct physical regions. centimeters (125 inches) in the rest of the country. Article on Sierra Leone starts on page 238, 1788. [8], The iron ore mining at Marampa is dependent on pumped water supply from the river. [6] ), 1794. IUCN, London. (1990) which was somewhat extended and refined from taxonomic . The coastal plain has numerous Stanford's Compendium of Geography and Travel (New Issue), Africa Vol. Great Scarcies River (Kolent River) Little Scarcies River (Kaba River) Mabole River; Mongo River; Lolo River; Sierra Leone River. The Rokel River (also Seli River; previously Pamoronkoh River) is the largest river in the Republic of Sierra Leone in West Africa. TOPOGRAPHIC AND OCEANOGRAPHIC CONDITIONS, 2.2.1 Bottom types and littoral morphology, 2.2.1 Thermal stratification and salinity factor. Sierra Leone. It is suggested that this factor is probably the rainfall and discharge pattern as evidenced by the coincidence, almost exactly, of the Upper Guinean with the 2500mm per year isohyet. reflects a seaward advance of the shoreline (progradation) which begins with laminated whereas in the wet season the average salinity value is 19.7/00 (Longhurst, 1983). 1983). Tucker (1973) and Strasser-King (1979) recognize the following features: Sand bars, parallel to the current direction and occurring mainly in lower 2. The iron extracted has resulted in reduction of the height of one of the ore bearing hills by 24.4 metres (80ft). winds blow from the Sahara Desert, bringing sandstorms but little rain. Scanned by Google. Banana Islands, the Turtle Islands, and Sherbro Island. Environ Biol Fish 101, 843864 (2018). Endemism extends to the generic level with 5 regional endemic genera including two and possible a third amongst the recently disaggregated tilapiine group. A brief account of the characteristics of some of the The tilapiines themselves have diversified considerably in the Upper Guinean with nine species, seven being endemic. The Sierra Leone River is a river estuary on the Atlantic Ocean in Western Sierra Leone. J Zool Lond 180:455465, Payne AI (1978) Gut pH and digestive strategies in estuarine tilapia (Cichlidae) and grey mullet (Mugilidae). A Letter to William Wilberforce, Esq., M.P., Vice President of the African Institution, &c. &c. &c. containing remarks on the reports of the Sierra Leone Company and African Institution: with hints respecting means by which an universal abolition of the slave trade might be carried into effect. high on the eastern plateau. . Published in 1788. It is formed by the Bankasoka River and Rokel River and is between 4 and 10 miles wide (6-16 km) and 25 miles (40 km) long. Inland Waters of Southern Africa: An Ecological Perspective pp 6581Cite as, Part of the Monographiae Biologicae book series (MOBI,volume 64). At 440 The oceanographic factors affecting the hydrographic regime, the estuaries and The Gallinas and Sulima Rivers: The strong surf around the estuaries of the the country is located northwest of that part of the Atlantic Coast In: Pullin RSV, Lowe-Mconnell RH (eds) The biology and culture of tilapias. Provided by the Springer Nature SharedIt content-sharing initiative, Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips, Not logged in A Complete Collection of the Treaties and Conventions, and Reciprocal Regulations at Present Subsisting Between Great Britain and Foreign Powers. Pleistocene sediments overlie the Rokel estuarine sector of Sierra Leone By The Rev. Landbuch-Verlag, Hannover, McCarton B (1987) The population dynamics of some species of fish in the river Taia. j^]eO&]oSZ!b$x:UwYH+k\vn^,W9 ?3?#W//[-y0^{%`.=GfAYi0{=~A/. There is an eastward current, the Equatorial Counter Current (ECC) embedded between Intertidal flats containing sediments of grain size varying from clay to About 21 km above Tagrin point, Sierra Leone River Sierra Leone is located on the west coast of Africa, north of the equator. Semantic Scholar is a free, AI-powered research tool for scientific literature, based at the Allen Institute for AI. Longhurst (1958) considers the It lies within the Upper Guinean faunal region. known as the Grain Coast, which borders Liberia. Five species of small pelagic fishes in the new Volta Lake in Ghana showed a die periodicity in catches, and were strongly attracted to light, suggesting a diel vertical movement occurs so that the fish can exploit a feeding ground at its richest moments, and at times when they are least conspicuous to predators. varies from 31/00 to 30/00 in the wet season. Omissions? Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, p 438, Leveque C, Paugy D (1984) Guide des Poissons dEau douce de la zone du Programme de Lutte Contre lOnchocercose. The capital city of Freetown, as marked on the map, is located in this peninsula region. The Universal Gazetteer, Being a Concise Description, Alphabetically Arrangedin the Known World. Temperature affects the distribution and abundance of fish and other organisms. Loma Mansa (1,948 meters/6,391 feet), Lowest point on land: Zool., IXL, Trewavas E (1983) Tilapiine fishes of the genera Sarotherodon, Oreochromis and Danakilia. season. Part of Springer Nature. The Rokel/Seli River descends from the Guinea highlands and drains westward through Sierra Leone into the Atlantic Ocean. Mape. PubMedGoogle Scholar. Updates? The environmental impacts on the downstream users and disposal of tailings from the mining operations have not been addressed. about 100 km from the coastline, whereas in the southern part of the coast the same by H. Caswall, Volume 4. By James Stephen Esq. International Peace Academy Occasional Paper Series Seasonal changes are due to the following effects of the monsoonal wet season Scanned by Google. By J.A. Checklist of freshwater fishes of Africa Vol 2,: MRAC. Eucalyptus trees survive along the mostly dry river beds, fed by occasional downpours during the summer . Mol Phylogenet Evol 68:6480. A species list from all sources suggests that currently 115 species have been recorded in Sierra Leone of which 42% are regional endemics. The New Annual Register, or General Repository of History, Politics and Literature for the Year 1794. span the northeastern part of the country. The river basin measures 10,622 square kilometres (4,101sqmi) in size, with the drainage divided by the Gbengbe and Kabala hills and the Sula Mountains. Ann. Sherbro Island is separated from the mainland by Sherbro River on the about 608 meters (2,000 feet). The river separates Freetown, Sierra Leone's capital city, which is on the south side of the harbor, from the country's principal airport, Lungi International Airport, which is on the north side of the harbor in an area called the "Bullom Shore." The sedimentary sequence of the coastline is a response to interaction of fluvial These waters are more or less permanently warm and with low salinity levels. It holds the major ports of Queen Elizabeth II Quay and Pepel. (NEC). etc. Scanned by Google. The West African country of Sierra Leone occupies an area of 71,740 sq. The narrowing of the estuary near Freetown has created a particularly strong tidal scour (up to six knots), which keeps the deepwater channel free from any large buildup of silt. P. 272: "There is no protectorate, nor anything analogous thereto, exercised over any part of the country." The highest point in Sierra Leone, Mount Loma Mansa (Bintimani), rises Correspondence to temperature is about 27C (81F) on the coast and almost as Bishop of Sierra Leone, 1894. Substance of the Report Delivered by the Court of Directors of the Sierra Leone Company to the General Court of Proprietors, on Thursday the 19th March, 1798. This is a list of rivers in Sierra Leone. Scanned by Google. It is the largest natural harbour in the African continent. The sediments consist of a series of sands, clays and gravels There are three major island groups off the coast of Sierra Leone: the The thermocline and the continental shelf are delimited by the 25C isothermal and 40-m We report baseline characteristics and 1 year retention outcomes for patients enrolled in a HBV clinic integrated within chronic disease services in a rural district hospital in Sierra Leone. middle of the country. Sea level, Hemispheres: United Nations. Sierra Leone Peninsula; a zone of low-lying coastal marshland along the Northern and Western, Longest distances: American Geophysical Union, Washington D.C., p 233, Book Historic photos of Sierra Leone from the United Nations Photo Library. Examines the Hut Tax and resulting conflict. Scanned by Google. The main daily maximum and minimum of The plateau region, which encompasses roughly the eastern half of the By James Boyle, M.C.S.L., 1831. entrance south-southeastward of Kortimaw Island. Scanned by Google. Scanned by Google. By A.H. Keane, F.R.G.S., 1895. The southern African region can be split into the well-watered tropical North, drained by major rivers such as the Zambezi and Okavango, and the water-limited South, of which the western side is truly arid, and the eastern and southern regions are more adequately provided for. The Great Scarcies forms part of the Formed by Port Loko Creek and the Rokel River, it is from 4 to 10 miles (6 to 16 km) wide and 25 miles (40 km) long and contains Sierra Leones two major portsFreetown harbour and the port at Pepel. 958 kilometers (595 miles) total boundary length; Guinea 652 kilometers and behind the trees, marine and freshwater swamps occupy large areas. ) Berkeley: University of California Press, 2001. The White Man's Grave: A Visit to Sierra Leone, in 1834, Volume I. pp 51, Payne AI, Wakeford RC, Ndomahina TE (2010) Fish distribution and zonation along a tropical African river basin, the Rokel/Seli river, Sierra Leone, West Africa. In Sierra Leone, mangrove swamp areas are inundated by saline tidal water twice daily from the ocean through the Great and Little Scarcies rivers up to 32 miles inland. (Strasser-King, 1979). The project, implemented in 1980, is located at Magbass on the banks of the river and has an irrigation command of 880 square kilometres (340sqmi). and on the South and West by Sherbro Island, could be referred to as a sound or strait dark grey muddy silts and sandy muds. This represents 16.4% of the annual exploitable surface runoff from rivers. Then, the accumulated plant material gives Longman Group Limited, London, p 284, Matthes H (1961) The feeding habits of some central African freshwater fishes. Sierra Leone has no territories or dependencies. around the Rokel estuary is given in Figure 2. which extends 48 km eastward. Google Scholar, Paugy D, Leveque C, Teugels GG, Bigorne R, Romand R (1990) Freshwater fishes of Sierra Leone and Liberia: annotated checklist and distribution. Mangrove swamps line much of the coast, Gallinas and Sulima Rivers and the currents of these two rivers have formed a sand Figure 1 The West African coastline between Liberia and Guinea with 2023 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Scanned by Google. It is formed by the Bankasoka River and Rokel River and is between 4 and 10 miles wide (616km) and 25 miles (40km) long. The blank outline map respresents mainland Sierra Leone. Gland, IUCN; Nairobi, UNEP; Cambridge, WCMC. The mangrove swamps are broken up by numerous creeks, behind which are mangroves and strips of freshwater swamp forest. and W.G. These are local government units headed by tribal, hereditary chiefs. are lined with mangroves. Bioscience 58:403414. Wadstrom, 1794. Other major rivers include the Jong, Sewa, Soa, and In Sierra Leone, the continental shelf is isolated from the seasonal coastal km. Preliminary work was carried out, The authors present an up-to-date check-lis1 of the freshwater fishes of the coastal basins of Sierra Leone and Liberia. of lignite. Sierra Leone: Ethnic composition There are about 18 ethnic groups that exhibit similar cultural features, such as secret societies, chieftaincy, patrilineal descent, and farming methods. pp 820, Cole NHA (1968) The vegetation of Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is bounded by Guinea to the north and northeast, Liberia to the south and southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The general There are many projects developed in the river basin which derive their water supply requirements from this river. Scanned by Google. The hydrographic regime of Sierra Leone waters is characterized by a relatively The river is hemmed between the Sula Mountains on the southeast and the grantoid hills of the Gbengbe and Kabal hills on the west. Substance of the Report Delivered by the Court of Directors of the Sierra Leone Company to the General Court of Proprietors, on Thursday the 27th March 1794. the continental shelf basin between Saint Ann Shoals and the Bissagos Islands (Longhurst, By Ralph Griffiths. Mangrove swamps and the mud flats are the dominant ecosystem (accounting for 19% of the mangrove forest in the country)[1] noted around the river's ria. (submerged sand banks) that comprises the Bissagos Archipelago, off Guinea-Bissau in the (= 80F) with the range of 5.6C (42C). The role of alternating wet and dry periods during the early Quarternary is emphasized as well as the importance of mountains as dispersal barriers in explaining river faunal similarities within biogeographical regions. The wood of each tree species has its own characteristics, and by measuring their forms and structures, the trees give us information about their environments. [3] The river basin measures 10,622 square kilometres (4,101sqmi) in size, with the drainage divided by the Gbengbe and Kabala hills and the Sula Mountains. around the Rokel/Sierra Leone estuary - based on Strasser-King (1979). The cichlids in Barombi Mbo probably evolved there from two or three ancestral populations and now show clear ecological separation in their feeding and breeding, and the problem of speciation within the lake is of particular interest. In: Proceedings International Symposium on Tilapia in Aquaculture. Within and between river differences were analysed and a high degree of statistical . Inland Waters of Southern Africa: An Ecological Perspective,, Tax calculation will be finalised during checkout. The river has low. Abstract. Most of the rivers of Sierra Leone drain into the Atlantic Ocean; a few, three largest and most important are Lake Sonfon, Lake Mabesi, and Lake An Account of the Native Africans in the Neighbourhood of Sierra Leone; to which is added, an account of the present state of medicine among them. waters of Sierra Leone are affected by influx of solar energy. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. MSC theisis, Coventry Polytechnic, UK, p 209, Henderson HF, Welcomme RL (1974) The relationship of yield to morpho-edaphic index and numbers of fishermen in African inland fisheries. East of the plains, the land rises to a broad, Sherbro River: Sherbro River, which is bound on the East and North by the mainland, ICLARM Conference Proceedings, ICLARM, Manilla, p 426, Real R (1999) Tables of significant values of Jaccard's index of similarity. Apart from a mountainous peninsula some 45 km long, the coastal zone is flat with a fringing mangrove swamp extending 30 km inland. The avifauna in the area consists of 10,000 birds of 36 species (1995 record). Travels in the Timannee, Kooranko, and Soolima Countries, in Western Africa. Published in 1788. N-14, Doc. 71,740 square kilometers (27,699 square miles), Highest point on mainland: This list is arranged by drainage basin, with respective tributaries indented under each larger stream's name. narrower in the southern part of the coast. The occurrence of fish species by major river in Sierra Leone was finally put together as a checklist for the country by Paugy et al. CAS The high temperatures, high humidity and heavy rainfall affect the oceanographic By The Rev. Sierra Leone is a West African country. kilometers (5 to 25 miles). to a height of 1,948 meters (6,391 feet) in the Loma Mountains, which Written by British Lieutenant John Matthews about his experiences in Sierra Leone in 1785, 1786 and 1787. Clements, Surgeon-Caption A.M.S., 1893. 4B), butas it is cutintotheBullomSeriesslumpingof material makesaccurateheightdeterminationdifficult. By W. Schaus, F.Z.S. - Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login)., Article Includes discussions of commerce and conflict in Sierra Leone and the origin and history of the Fulani people. north and Sherbro Strait on the east. Travels in Madeira, Sierra Leone, Teneriffe, St. Jago, Prices Island, etc. isobath is located at about 15 km from the shoreline. vinci hair clinic malaga,
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